Anchor & Magnet is an artists project based in Brixton and started by artist/curator Barby Asante, artist/academic Katy Beinart and artist/creative producer Kate Theophilus in 2012.

Our name reflects a shared interest in place, identity, migration and belonging.

Brixton is a place with a long-established and still evolving tradition of attracting migrant and peripheral communities: it is a magnet. It is also a place where incoming communities and individuals have established an often powerful sense of rootedness in relation to their locality, and have evolved identities informed by their new home: it has been an anchor.

Our work is social and collaborative. We create spaces for dialogue, reflection and exchange and invite others to be part of the process.


stockwell good neighbours
bureau of silly ideas
ACE lottery__black
brixton market federation
brixton bugle
the academy of urbanism
the brixton society