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Just as the nights began really drawing in and the time felt right for big tables of food and talking into the evening, Anchor & Magnet hosted a Conversation Dinner on November 14th 2012 at our arch in Valentia Place. The aim was to start a dialogue between people, all with different connections to Brixton, about the area, how we relate to it, the changes it is going through and how ideas of heritage, identity and memory become part of the story of a place.​
Conversation was loosely structured around three themes  – Brixton Past, Brixton Present and Brixton Future. With each course we introduced a different theme, and prompted conversation by inviting guests pick from a selection of quotes that we had recorded during our day on the Market recording people’s stories.



Thank you to all these people who came, ate and talked with us:


Stuart Horwood, Street Market Traders Federation
Steve Martin, Black Cultural Archives
Ben Tunstall, local resident
Binky Taylor, Business coach and local business woman
Tim Dickens, Editor, Brixton Blog, and the Brixton Bugle
John Cunningham, Brixton Society
Dr. Claire Dwyer, Co-Director, Migration Research Unit, University College London
Gloria Ferrira, Dominoes club member
Jose, A and C Continental Deli, Atlantic Road
Katie Orr, Participation Coordinator, Gasworks Gallery
Matthew Ryder, QC and local resident
Mike Slocombe, Editor Urban 75
Roger,  Bureau of Silly Ideas, Brixton
Cllr Rachel Heywood, Cabinet Member for Children & Families, Labour Councillor: Coldharbour Ward.
Jessica Hansraj- UCL, MSc GLobal Migration, A&M Volunteer
Ana Macouzet Menendez – UCL, MSc Global Migration, A&M Volunteer
Leuan Solki – Wimbeldon School of Art, BA Fine Art / Sculpture, A&M Volunteer


Many thanks to Kate De Syllas for the fantastic food – UCL, MSc Global Migration, A&M Volunteer

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